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Bright as Day 12 000

This product will be in stock on 03/01/2021.
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The  Bright as Day 12000  lamp is the brightest headlamp in the world. It delivers amounts of power and light that have never been seen before in such a small and lightweight package. The lamp's active cooling system allows it to deliver a consistent 12,000 lumens through its entire battery span. With a lightweight design, the possibilities where the lamp can be mounted and its uses are endless. It truly makes the night, bright as day.


  • headlamp
  • Battery
  • Power Control Unit
  • Nylon Headstrap
  • 1 Meter Extension Power Cable
  • Quick clip mount
  • Wall Charger
  • Elastic Battery Mounting Straps
Exact Measured Lumens 12000 lm
Light Spread 15-60 deg
Weight of Lamp Head 140 g
Shell material PP6 Reinforced Plastic
Battery Charge Life  500 charge cycles
Battery  Li-ion, 12 Cell, 10200 mAh, 16.8 V
Run Time

45min (100%), 2h (50%), 4h (25%), 10h (7.5%)

Battery Charge Time 3.5 hrs
Mounting Bracket GoPro QuickClip Compatible




Our Intelligent Cooling Engineering contains an automatic cooling fan to maintain lumens during high heat and/or max power situations. The lamp will never turn down the brightness to control heat, always delivering the promised amount of lumens.


When the battery reaches 10% remaining power, the lamp head will flash three times, and step down to the lowest power (7.5%). This allows for the user to never be stuck in the dark and to have time to return from their activity.


The mount below the lamp head comes stock with a QuickClip style, easy to use, bracket. This allows for any moonlight lamp to be used with any GoPro mount.


The battery level is indicated by 4 different color shades on the power button of the lamp. Green indicating above 75% power remaining, blue above 50% power remaining, orange above 25% power remaining, and red below 25% remaining.




Eirik W. Rebnord on Dec 20, 2018

I had been wanting to buy this headlamp for a few years before I finally got the chance. Up until this season, I had been using the Lupine Betty Rx 3600 lumen lamp, but didn't like the spread of their lens, or the hotspot of the beam.

The Moonligh Mountain Gear Bright As Day 10k is extremely bright! The spread of the lens is very even, with no discernible hotspots, and my entire field of vision feels lit. This is very important at high speeds and for skiing at night where there are no trees. The battery is a bit heavy, but if you need a lot of light, you have to have a large battery and the weight is no issue in a backpack. The Lupine Betty overheats in a minute without continuous airflow. This is the main reason I wanted the Bright as day. The active cooling fan kicks in when needed and the lumen output never drops. The fan is a bit loud, but you don't notice it at high speeds. The lamphead is lighter than it looks, as some of the electronics have been moved to a separate unit that can be connected to the battery. The cables are thich and feels solid and the universal GoPro mount is a nice addition.
This is a serious lamp for serious skiing. 
I highly recommend it, it is well worth its price if you need reliable high performance lighting!



Mats on Nov 20, 2018

This lamp is ridiculous good. 
I use it for everything - skiing, camping, mountaineering and hunt. U name it.
This lamp is my favoritt "tool" when i go outside when it's "black" outside because when you turn it on it's like its bright as daylight again. 

Very happy with the system at i can use my gopro attach and the battery lifetime its good.

The lamp is so strong that you have to try it to understand how strong it is actually.

I dont need to say so much more than it is highly recommended. 
Support/customer service from the team moonlight is amazing :)



Knut-Hendrik on Nov 18, 2018

It's like you strapped a sun on your head. Makes high speed activities available even in the darkest hour. If it`s motorsports, fast skiing or mountain biking. Incredible device with long battery life! Highly recommended.

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