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The Carbon together with the absolutly best Dynafit binding for it. 

The superlight 2.0 

They should be a fantastic combination of weight / touring and drive to ski it down again. 

All Mountain Carbon / Dynafit Superlight 2.0

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    All Mountain Carbon

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    Light weight ski for the entire mountain.

    This is our normal version of the All Mountain. It is superlight for its size compared to all competitors.

    The ski is designed around the LL rocker system that gives you superb float in soft snow and still lots of edge contact in firm snow. This makes the skis stable and calm in firmer snow conditions and fun and playful in softer snow.

    Because of great geometry and low weight the skis are very fast from edge to edge and they are super fun in open terrain and in the woods. All testers praise the All Mountain as a super good all round ski

    LengthDimensionsWeightTurn radius
    189 135-109-124 1480 grams 26 meters
    179 132-106-121 1370 grams 26 meters
    169 129-103-118 1260 grams 26 meters
    159 126-100-115 1160 grams 26 meters

    Dynafit TLT Superlight 2.0 DIN 7-12

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    A revolution which merges lightweight and safety. Adjustable DIN 7-12 setting at an unparalleled weight of 175 g for all those who are psyched to speed up. Ski stopper is being sold separately.