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A few weeks ago, we received a phone call from an exited Håkon Erlandsen. He had just returned to Norway after an unsuccessful attempt to reach the summit of Elbrus. Håkon is doing this really cool project. He aims to hold concerts at the top of the highest mountain in each continent and Elbrus is considered Europe's highest mountain.

The trip had not gone as planned. On the way up the mountain the weather became really really bad and Håkon eventually lost his guide when the visibility was down to only 2 - 3 meters and the winds reached 150 km / h, which corresponds to more than a full hurricane. Håkon had to find his way down from the mountain alone. Here you can see some video of what they went through up on the mountain and how the forces of nature really shake them. Håkon is close to getting blown over several times during the walk up the mountain. In his own words, Håkon tells a little about the experience.



Here, Håkon summarizes the trip after descending from the mountain.



For 18 hours and 49 minutes, his Bright as Day 1800 headlight lit non-stop, and as he says himself, saved his life. It is with great humility that we receive the thanks from Håkon. Håkon used the headlamp largely on the lowest setting and sometimes on the second lowest setting to achieve that battery life. This is the headlamp he used: Bright as Day 1800

We are so happy that you got down from the mountain in one piece and look forward to following your future adventures and hearing your concerts from more mountain peaks!

Thank you for sharing this experience with us and giving us access to videos with your comments in. Moonlight is a Norwegian company that develops headlights, skis and ski bindings. Read more about our products on our website. 

Follow Håkon and his musical adventures on Instagram: @jazzathlete

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