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For the second year in a row, Moonlight Mountain Gear has been awarded the prestigious ISPO award for a new top product in the sports industry world. After the Eagle Carbon Race winning the award last year, our brand new Carbon 120 Race has been acknowledged with the same award.

Moonlight Mountain Gear Carbon 120 Race

Carbon 120 Race

The Carbon 120 Race is the worlds lightest powder ski. At 120mm wide underfoot, the ski is only 1180g at 186cm long. It is the ultimate weapon for touring in deep snow. Made with our state of the art lightning core, this feather-light, yet durable ski handles even variable and hard pack snow. The ski also features a carbon rebound sidewall that combined with the wood hybrid core, makes the ski more playful and responsive. 

Moonlight Mountain Gear Carbon 120 Race

Photo: Kjell Ellefson

For two years in a row now, Moonlight has won awards for its ski design. Using revolutionary materials and modern ski shapes, our freeride touring skis have been gaining a following and continuing to win ski industry awards.

Moonlight Mountain Gear Carbon 120 Race

Photo: Kjell Ellefson

Read below a manifesto from the creator of the ski and owner of Moonlight Mountain Gear, Bjarte Hollevik:

To find out more, read the product page HERE:

I built my dream ski.

Sometimes you just have to let everything go. Ignore that the market favors 100mm-ish skis and just make the ski of your dreams. A powder tourer. Not just any powder tourer, but the lightest powder tourer ever. 186cm long and 145-120-135mm. A powder tourer with big mountain dimensions that excels in cruising and just plain fun skiing.

Why is this my dream ski? The low weight combined with skiability. Normally to get this low in weight you need to buy an 85mm-ish ski, not a 120mm wide one. And since I always earn my turns and we very often have deeper snow, a bigger ski is my dream. It floats better and I sink less into the snow when I make the skin track. On the way down it just flies thanks to its graphite race base. The lightweight is awesome. Did I mention it is only 1180 gram heavy?! And with this low weight, you can throw it around like a feather. The feeling is very strange at first. No weight on your feet, it is like your brain just will not realize that there is a ski there. But when you get accustomed to it, the joy it brings, the smiles it creates and the pure hauling screams of fun. I am in love.

And if you combine the ski with a Dynafit Superlight 2.0 or even lightweight Plum/ATK binding, the total weight is unreal, or if telemark is your thing the Moonlight Pure Tele binding is the perfect match.

The ski has a triple radius built into it. In the front, the radius is long to make it avoid hooking in the snow. Under your feet it has a typical big mountain curve of 26 meters before the radius to the end of the ski is longer again to let it easier smear out of the turns and let you just slide around in the pow.

Is this the best ski from Moonlight I have ever skied?.. For softer snow, yes I think so.

Just by passing the ski in the storage I get fond memories from the testing of the prototypes.

My dream ski has become real. And that it also has won the ISPO award makes me so happy!

Moonlight Mountain Gear Carbon 120 Race

The Owner and Creator testing the Carbon 120 Race. Photo: Kjell Ellefson

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