Moonlight skis have 5 different skis in their ski line. All skis are designed with the focus on light weight and performance. All skis are built with the latest of high tech material.

They are made of a hybrid foam core, formula 1 graded carbon and with our unique torsion box inside. This means that all of our skis are torsional stiff letting you hold that edge in any conditions and at the same time allowing the sweet flex that gives you confidence and this makes the skis super easy to ski and handle. All skis are built with our LL Rocker system which makes them float fantastic but still gives you the long edgehold you need to feel safe and ski good.

We have even had the skis enter Freeride world tour qualifiers contests. Best result so far is 4. place in Pitztal Wildface. And that on the lightweight Powder ski! We have two main goals with our skis: Our goal is to make skis that will make you feel like a better skier. They need to be really light but still stable at higher speed.

The All Mountain Carbon

The Butterfly Carbon

The Eagle Carbon

The Northern Light Carbon

The All Mountain Carbon RACE

The Eagle Carbon RACE

The Northern Light Carbon RACE

The Race 166

The Race 160