We are Moonlight Mountain Gear, a company located far to the North of Norway.

We are located in the North of Troms in a small town called Burfjord.

We experience the extreme

During winter we have no sunlight for a two months, and during summer we have constant sunlight all day long for a two months a year.

We have no ski lifts systems close buy so we have to tour and earn our turns.

During the winter we can easily experience down to – 25 degrees Celsius when we go ski mountaineering.

We make high quality gear

The gear we make are influenced by the nature around us, and is inspired by it.


The light skis was made to save energy on the way up the mountain and let u have lots of energy to play and have fun on the way down the mountain.

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The super light bindings in touring mode was invented to be able to move faster and walk easier.

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The lamps – well we only have blue horizon light for 2 – 3 hours a day during these two months of darkness. And when we leave work it is truly dark.

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We still go chasing the Northern Lights

The wonders of the arctic nights with Northern lights flaming over the sky can make even the most common ski trip into a true experience of a life time.

We love the arctic outdoors.